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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Reception - Owls and Otters

Our Early Years Foundation Stage is called Saplings.  It comprises of one nursery and two reception classes. 

In Owl and Otter class we do lots of great learning. We can play outside in our garden every day – it’s great! We can explore the woods and love to play in our mud kitchen. We make mud pies, mud pancakes, mud soup and mud tea in our mud kitchen. We have a big sandpit and are really good at making cement and building walls. One of our favourite things to do is to make an obstacle course with our crates and planks, sometimes we need it to be safe from the sharks in the deep blue sea!

We practise learning new sounds every day and we are reading too! Every day we vote for the book that we would like to read together and work out which book is the winner by being magic mathematicians. We talk about what we can see and what we notice; it’s always interesting to find out more about what we all know and think.

Every week we learn to cook and we learn all about what foods are good for us. We make lots of different recipes and they’re all really yummy!

One of our favourite days of the week is when we go to ‘the theatre’ with our Helicopter Stories. We take turns to create a story, act it out and celebrate being great story tellers and story actors.

We love learning together and playing with our friends in Rabbits and Hedgehogs.

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