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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Year 2 - Holly Class

Welcome to Holly Class! We are a class of imaginative authors, magnificent mathematicians, curious scientists, amazing artists and super supportive friends.

We are excellent at collaborating and sharing our ideas, as well as being able to work independently to show all we know. We love learning and every day we challenge ourselves to try something new. Sometimes, we make mistakes, but that’s OK because we can learn from them and together it helps us to grow our big, brilliant brains!

If you met Holly class in school, you would meet kind, happy, helpful children who are enthusiastic learners but also supportive and patient with each other. We work hard to be a great advert for the school by being good role models for younger KS1 children. We think Holly class is the best class to be in because, even when the learning is challenging, we still have fun and our teachers and teaching assistant are always there to help us when we need it.

In Holly class we believe in teamwork and are learning that;

If you try, Try, TRY, you can, Can, CAN!

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