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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Year 5 - Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class! Musical, curious, and imaginative are just three of the many marvellous adjectives you could use to describe Hazel Class. We have created a community where we can share our thoughts and feelings without judgement, which makes us feel safe and understood. We are learning that our Growth Mindsets empower us and allows our confidence to grow in everything we set our minds to. We can achieve ANYTHING!

Everyone in Hazel is supportive, as we work harmoniously together and learn to work with different people each week. You can hear our joyful atmosphere from the rooftops; we ooze enthusiasm. Our energetic and fun-loving community act as wordsmiths in our English lessons, embracing thesauruses and up levelling our vocabulary. We cannot wait to share our ideas, magpie from others and build an incredible world through our words. When faced with a question, we love to investigate and apply our curious minds. Whether that is in Mathematics, History or even Science. We love a challenge! So welcome to Hazel class, it’s creative, crazy and lots of fun; you’ll love it here.

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