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St Swithuns CE Primary School


We work with our families to build strong foundations for our children's learning, developing skills, knowledge and dispositions that will guide and support their learning as they grow.  
We foster and nurture positive working relationships with our families and children to ensure they feel safe, cared for and valued.  We concentrate on creating an atmosphere of trust through detailed and focussed transition arrangements from home and previous settings to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.  By inviting families for drop-in sessions, visiting and liaising with previous settings, offering meetings for parents and home visits, we work to establish positive and trusting relationships.
Our children are unique and we celebrate the diversity of all of our backgrounds and experiences, learning together about the importance of acceptance and understanding of each other.  We celebrate our families' traditions for birthdays and enjoy chatting with the children about what they enjoy at home and in school.
We continually strive to develop and improve our own subject knowledge and understanding of child development to enable us to provide the best support and learning experiences for the children.  We run regular workshops for parents to enhance the team approach to our children's learning.
Please see individual tabs for more details of the seven areas of learning and how we support our children's development in each area.

Communication and Language


Talking with your children

Universally speaking - ages and stages of communication and language development

Physical Development


ERIC - support for potty training

Community Dental Services - Resources







How to develop children's language through maths

Subitising and more

Many more maths ideas and resources

Understanding the World


Expressive Arts and Design


Boogie Mites - New App

There is the opportunity for parents in Oxfordshire to trial Boogie Mites new app during the development stage. You can have 3 months of free access to Boogie Mites songs, initially just 3 songs, one from each category, but when the first draft of the app is ready, you will have the opportunity to sign up for access to all 66 songs to enjoy, try out and feedback before launch in Feb/March 2023. Sign-up details in link below:
Boogie Mites

What to Expect When

What To Expect When

50 Things To Do Before You're Five

50 Things To Do

Community Dental Services - Oral Health

Resources Family Fun Healthy Smiles                               Preparing your child for their dental visit                                                      Bottles, open top cups & teeth HV service health                                                                     Healthy Start Video Link

Starting School Information for parents

Starting School

Reception parent transition leaflet 23-24

Toilet Training

We often receive queries about toilet training in the Early Years. The Health Visitors website gives a wealth of information for parents:

In addition, the Health Visitor Nursery Nurses will support parents on a one to one basis when parents are concerned. Parents can also use the ChatHealth message service for support or advice: ParentLine text 0-4 years: 07312 263081