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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Abingdon Science Partnership

Children in Year 5/6 have had the opportunity to participate in an after-school Science Club at Abingdon School that supports and funds The Abingdon Science Partnership. Through this organisation, our children have benefitted from enrichment opportunities linked with science. During these sessions, children are encouraged to be more inquisitive and become independent learners by exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions. Children acquire specific skills and knowledge to help them think scientifically, whilst gaining an understanding of the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future. The sessions have been very popular; the photographs and children’s enthusiasm are evidence of this.


  • - ‘Science Club was enjoyable because we got to do new and exciting experiments that we can’t do at school like dissecting a fish!’
  • - ‘I liked making the rockets and firing them – it was taking part that was good.’
  • - ‘It was very visual and they covered different aspects of Science.’

Our thanks to Mr Jeremy Thomas and his team for all their work and support. We hope to continue building our working relationship and look forward to more science opportunities for our children.