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St Swithuns CE Primary School

British Science Week

We had a fabulous time celebrating British Science Week in school last week. Time-related investigations were carried out all across the school and there was a great deal of excitement about the poster competition.

In Saplings, the children were investigating shadows and how to make shadows inside and outside their classrooms.

The children in Year 1 spent time thinking about how to protect our natural world so that it is still thriving in our future.

Our Year 2 classes, Holly and Rowan became weather watchers and they recorded the temperature and the weather each day to spot any patterns in our weather. I think they may have discovered that it rains a lot!!

In Year 3, the children had a great time exploring the lifecycle of a pond frog and how the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog takes place over time.

The Year 4 children became inventors and engineers and had a go at making their own biodegradable plastic using cornflour, vinegar, glycerine and water. The results were fabulous. Lots of budding laboratory scientists in the making.

Hazel and Elm classes discovered more about how our brains make connections and how they change over time as we make new discoveries.

Finally, in Year 6 the children got creative while they delved deep into how moths have adapted and evolved over time. They made moths out of clay, painted them and then took them outside and role played how moths try to escape their predators by using camouflage.

What a wonderful week of scientific exploration. Just one more week left to submit any entries for the poster competition. For more details see the link below and bring any entries to Mrs Bloice-Smith by Tuesday 26th March.