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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Take a look at all the fantastic and colourful kites the children created to think further about supporting their wellbeing!  They are stunning and everyone has worked super hard; the kites really brighten up our school and are great representations of how we can support our wellbeing and mental health.  The kites bodies are decorated with the different ways in which someone could support their wellbeing and the ribbons/tails identify the trusted people in our lives whom we could go to should we need to talk to someone.
The theme of this year's Children's Mental Health Awareness Week was 'Let's Connect' which was great to bring us all together even more so.  As well as understanding why looking after our wellbeing is important and ways in which we can do so, we all engaged in daily activities based on connection: to one another in school, friends and family, understanding kindness and also connection to the planet.  Through our reflection about each aspect, we decorated strips of card which at the end of the week was pieced together to create one huge class paperchain.