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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

WOW!!!  Take a look at the AMAZING and creative balloons the children made following Childrens' Mental Health Awareness Week.  They brighten up our school and it is a delight to see them displayed and hanging around.  We looked at the different strategies that we can all employ should we not be feeling too great.  These may include going for a walk, playing some sport, reading a book, getting out into nature, deep breathing and mindful colouring.  On our balloons, we wrote these on the basket so we had these in our own toolkit to keep us secure, just like the basket does.  We also listed the different trusted people whom we could talk to during these times.  Speaking with someone can really support when we are feeling upset or 'out of sorts'.  These people can lift us up when we are feeling down, and so this is why we wrote their names on the balloon.