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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Day 2 at Woodlands

Tuesday 8th November 2022
9:46pm - Woodlands Manor
We are alllll absolutely shattered, however really chuffed with the excellent day we've had!  The children - actually all of us, should be very proud of our super efforts, hard work and achievements.  It's been fantastic!
Yes, it has rained...most of the day...and not just drizzle, but absolute downpours and howling wind, but in true Team Year 6 style, it really didn't dampen our spirits (even though most of us were thoroughly drenched!)
The children slept really well last night and after a hearty breakfast of cereals and bacon/ veggie sausage buns, we regrouped with our activity leaders to look forward to the day ahead.  Groups B and C headed off to the Monmouth and Brecon canal to learn some excellent canoeing skills which put us in very good stead for our looooonnnnggg journey along the water.  In addition to the canoeing skills, the children worked hard with cooperation, communication and encouraging others.  Plus, not once did we hear the children grumble about the hard work and the persistent rain.  They were utter troopers! We also contributed to our sogginess with the Groups B/C cross over mid-journey.
Seeing each other in the distance, each group prepared themselves for a jolly fine water fight! Of course, Group B won - Mrs Reaney got a right soaking - it was all rather chucklesome!
On site were Groups A and D and they embarked on a range of challenges including tackling the HUGE climbing wall, the varied high ropes course through the treetops and the super zippy zip wire.  These were not easy, and it took courage, determination and support from others to climb up the wall or navigate the different sections on the high ropes.  Teamwork, again, was essential and children were encouraging and supportive of each other.  
After dinner (sausage, mash and veg followed by chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce - yum!) we togged back up for an evening of photograph orienteering.  It was such fun zipping over the site finding clues and identifying these on the map.
Tomorrow, we welcome Mrs Knighton to the house.  Groups A and B are going deep(er) underground to the awesome caving systems they have over this way.  Group C is going on a walk...up a mountain, and Group D is heading to the canal for some jolly fun on the water.
I can honestly say, the house is silent!  It really didn't take long for the children to settle down to sleep.  It really has been a great day and we are defo looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.
Night night - over n out for now!
(N.B. - the photographs attached have been taken on a school iPad and will be only used on the school website.)