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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Day 2 in the Big Kilvrough House

After a very successful first night at Kilvrough, where everyone, including the staff, had a good night's sleep, we started the day with a hearty breakfast and set off on our activities for the day.
Mr.Dando's and Miss Doolittle's groups travelled to the stunning Three Cliffs Bay for rock climbing and abseiling. The children were magnificent , showing that they can persevere and work together to support each other. Many of them had to overcome their own uncertainties and all should be very proud of what they achieved. 
Mrs.Dowe and Mrs. Reeve's groups both had great fun honing their canoeing skills, with most people managing to stay dry ! 
After a busy day like that, the evening meal of pasta and garlic bread followed by apple crumble was quite literally wolfed down by everyone. 
However, the day wasn't over yet, in the evening we went on a walk to the ruins of nearby Pennard Castle, with its magnificent views.
And so, after that jam-packed and very successful day, it won't come as any surprise to learn that most of us were asleep practically before our heads reached our pillows!