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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Day 3 at Woodlands

Wednesday 9th November 2022

8:55pm - Woodland Manor

Oooh - we're getting earlier!!  The children have just trundled upstairs to their beds after another cracker of a day!  I can guarantee that within ten minutes all will be quiet.

The croissants went down a storm this morning (great breakfast!), following which we were out and about in no time.  Going deep underground was an absolute blast and although there may have been a couple of nerves (from both children and adults), fears were overcome, and everyone succeeded and did super well.  Yes, we scrambled through some very tight spots and yes, we got incredibly wet as we sploshed through the cave river, but the children (and staff) really did themselves proud.  We marvelled at the fossils and stalagmites, and another highlight of the caves was saying hello to the little bats hanging around!  Group D had a great time on the canal paddling away.  The teamwork was superb, and children enjoyed learning the new skills of manoeuvring around...they also loved having a good old splash around with a water fight! Group C's mountain walk was fabulous and whilst a little taxing on the legs, the views were phenomenal!  In addition to the stunning scenery, everyone was wowed by the awesome rainbows.

Another yumbola dinner tonight (curry and rice followed by jam sponge and custard) after which we were back out and about the site on a full-on orienteering competition using controls and imprint stamps, plus with a wider search area than last night - such fun!

Tomorrow Group A are off to the canal for canoeing, Group B are on site tackling the climbing wall, high ropes and zip wire and then Groups C and D are off underground for some brilliant caving.

Thought I would leave you with a few quotes from today -

+ "Are we allowed to vacuum now?" (said at 7:06am - a minute after getting up!)

+ "Miss, you look like someone out of Fireman Sam ...(I mean, what on earth?!?!)"

+ "Oh, it's not a real Henry Hoover is it!?"

+ "I LOVED going under that massive boulder in the cave!"

+ "I'm really proud of myself!"


Night night, over and out for now!