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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Ramadan Assembly

Our thanks to some of our children who talked to us about Ramadan in Assembly last week. The children were asked what they thought about when they heard the word Ramadan and responses included: ‘commitment, fasting, perseverance, peace, helping others, determination, community, food, praying, kindness, love, respect, excited, special.’

We then asked the children what the school’s values of kindness, respect and perseverance had to do with Ramadan and the children replied as follows: ‘You need to persevere to fast; You need to be kind to people during Ramadan; Giving to others is kindness which is something we do during Ramadan; Doing good deeds in Ramadan is kind.’

It was then lovely to welcome Mrs Khan to Assembly to share with us what Ramadan means to her and her family. She explained that: ‘Ramadan is the highlight of our year. Just before Ramadan comes around it’s often a time when the heart is heavy, the body is tired and the mind is trying to make sense of life and then we have this special month to look forward to which brings with it peace of mind and puts normal life on pause for 30 days.’ She also talked about the fact that Ramadan ‘reminds us of our purpose in life, it’s a chance to form new habits and to break old ones. We learn to be super thankful, to be patient and we strive to be the kindest version of ourselves.’

Since a focus in Ramadan is about being extra kind to others, Mrs Khan then gave every child in the school – as well as all the teachers – a treat in the form of a sweet!

Our thanks to all the children involved and to Mrs Khan for being with us and helping us with our Assembly – as well as for the sweets!

Happy Ramadan to you all!