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St Swithuns CE Primary School

STATWARS Climate Change Challenge

To launch Year 5s involvement in the real-world immersive national competition, STATWARS,  one of our parents and  Carbon Literacy certified sustainability enthusiast – Claire Gilbert – spoke  to children about  the effect of our Carbon Footprint on Climate Change.  Children showed that they already know much about climate change,  fossil fuels and deforestation but were unsure of how a carbon footprint is calculated. They were fascinated by Claire’s presentation and interested to see how temperatures have increased dramatically since 2010.

This week, Year 5 children and teachers are collecting data to analyse their own carbon footprint. This will give and insight into the changes required to make a difference to support a greener future. Children ( and teachers) will identify THREE  changes they can personally commit to in their daily lives that will lower their individual carbon footprints. Children will work in small teams, developing and using their data skills to communicate their commitment to these changes, in the form of a manifesto.

Thank you to Year 5 parents/carers for supporting us with this competition. We believe this is an engaging way to empower children to make a difference and encourage the wider school community to follow their lead.

Our thanks also to Claire Gilbert for her support, expertise and time in helping us drive this initiative.