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St Swithuns CE Primary School

Woodlands Day 4

Thursday 10th November – Woodlands Manor 


All is quiet! 😀   

There was no rain today! 😀  

We’ve had a fabulous final last full day! 😀😀😀 

The baked beans on toast for breakie set us up nicely for our day of exciting activities.  Groups C and D went down, down, down underground for an amazing day scrambling through tight gaps, wading through waters and marvelling at the fossils.  Group D’s climb down into the valley was exciting by being attached to a rope and going around the hillside.  They then entered the cave over the top of a small waterfall – so cool! Group A loved their day on the canal near to the river Usk.  They were going forwards, backwards, sideways – any which ways – and then the day was rounded off with sliding headfirst down the canoe into the canal!  The children flew like super heros!  Group B enjoyed jungle gymming it on site, and goodness did those children enjoy zipping down the zip wire.  They were fabulous on the high wires and were incredibly supportive and encouraging of others.  

Dinner this evening was de-lish – pasta bolognese with garlic bread and crudités.  Then, for pudding, we went back to the 1980s for the all-time classic of Viennetta!  Oh my goodness, it was all pretty amazing, and the plates were all cleared at the end of the meal! 

This evening has been a blast as the children entertained us all with the most spectacular talent show.  There was dancing, joke telling, singing and magic tricks to name a few, and the children truly shone! 

Actually, your children have shone this whole week.  They have shown resilience, determination and amazing teamwork.  They have grown in confidence, with their independence and (you’ll also be pleased to hear) they are cracking at tidying their rooms! They are all fabulous children, and it has been an absolute privilege bringing them away.  We are incredibly proud of them all.   

Overheard at Woodlands (children say they best things!) 

+ “You won’t hear any moaning from me cos I love zip wires!” 

+ (To their friend taking photos) … “make sure you get my best side.” 

+ “I want to go and get those sheepies because they look lonely!” 

+ “Mrs Reaney woke us up this morning and told us it was snowing. I jumped right out of bed and when I got to the window, I was oooowwwhhh!” 

+ “Did somebody say Just Eattt?” 

+ “I had a dream last night that I got my nails done - they looked great!” 

+ “It’s really fun but scary! “ 

+ “Every time you come to a tree, hug it! Trees are our friends!” 

+ “If you have your Tesco Clubcard, please scan it at the counter.” 

+ “My heart’s just fallen out - it was beating so fast it just fell out!” 

+ “This Bourbon tastes so good dunked in hot chocolate.” 

+ “Rather than telling us there’s snow tomorrow morning, Mrs Reaney, please could you tell us there’s rainbows and unicorns out there?!” 

Groups  A, B and D are off up and down mountains tomorrow and Group C are on site with the jungle gym and zip lines.  We will then be saying our goodbyes to the Woodlands centre and their staff at about 3:05pm and should be back at around 6:30pm (keep an eye on your phones please - we will ping a text if we are earlier or later than expected!)  And then, you are in for a real treat this weekend – get ready for some amazing tales of awesome adventures - sliding down canoes, going deep underground in phenomenal caves, going high overground on climbing walls, night hiking under a stunning full moon, zipping through the trees and much, much more.  Enjoy every minute!

This is the 2022 Woodlands Crew signing off for the final time.  Over n out!