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St Swithuns CE Primary School

  • Online Safety

    We understand that the when it comes to online safety there are a lot of questions for both students and parents. We would like to help by suggesting resources that may be helpful.  If you have any concerns around online safety and what your child is accessing, please let us know. We appreciate that the internet is a fantastic resource but it is also easy to come across the wrong thing.

    1. Here is a handy guide to snapchat, we think may be interesting:

     Snapchat Parents Guide

    2. We think the following link around Reddit may be helpful:

    Reddit Online Guide

     3. Here is a handy link around Discord you may find informative: Discord Parents Guide

    4. This week it is a fantastic information website for parents and students called digital matters. Digital matters give lessons and information on some really important online topics.                                                                                                   Digital Matters                                                                                                                          5. The NSPCC offer advice to parent around keeping children safe online - from talking to your children about online safety to parental controls the NSPCC offers great advice.                                                                                                  Keeping Children Safe Online