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St Swithuns CE Primary School


St Swithun’s CE Primary School has a policy of school uniform and parents are asked to support this by keeping to these guidelines.

Main Uniform

  • Bottle green sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan, preferably with the school logo.White polo shirt or white shirt/blouse (with collar).
  • Dark grey skirt or pinafore. Dark grey or black trousers. No casual trousers or leggings. Skirts or pinafore dresses should be approximately knee length.
  • Plain grey or white socks or tights.
  • Black flat, sensible, safe school shoes. No trainers.
  • In inclement weather, children should come to school in a warm, waterproof coat.

For Year 6 Pupils Only

As above, with the following additional options:

  • Black sweatshirt or cardigan, preferably with the school logo.
  • Black trousers or skirt. Skirts should be approximately knee length.
  • Black tights.

Summer Options

  • Dark grey tailored shorts (longer-length: just above the knee).
  • Green and white checked summer dress.
  • Black or white sandals (with backs).
  • Any cap or hat to protect from the sun.
  • For Saplings, only trainers are not required for Autumn and Spring terms but are required during the Summer Term.

PE Kit for health and safety reasons, children must have a change of clothes for PE.

  • St Swithun’s School red hooded sweatshirt (these have the school logo on the front and ‘St Swithun’s School’ on the back), or a plain bright red sweatshirt (with or without a hood)
  • T-shirt:

Saplings: plain white round-necked T-shirt

Years 1 to 6: T-shirt: plain, round-necked top, in house colour (preferably with the school logo):

  • Red Kite – red
  • Peregrine – emerald green
  • Osprey – yellow/gold
  • Merlin – royal blue
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers

PE kits should be in school every day. They should be kept in a drawstring bag (not a rucksack, due to lack of cloakroom space) and taken home each holiday, or more frequently if required, to be washed.

Please note that no items of school uniform should have a visible commercial logo.

Swimming Kit (Year 5)

A full one-piece swimming costume (no bikinis)

Swimming trunks (close-fitting, not baggy shorts, as these increase drag in the water and hamper stroke development)

Swimming cap (available from the school office)

All jewellery must be removed before coming to school. If earrings cannot be removed, they must be taped with plasters.

Please ensure that all uniform is clearly named with a name label or an indelible ink pen. All named lost property will be returned to its owner. Un-named lost property will be placed in a box near the hall in both buildings. The boxes will be emptied at the end of every term.

Other items of school equipment are available. These include:

  • Book bag
  • PE kit bag
  • Reversible waterproof jacket
  • Legionnaire’s cap
  • Sun hat
  • Winterfleece hat

Long hair should be tied back. This is so that it does not distract from learning and for hygiene reasons. Hairstyles should not be attention-seeking; extreme styles or dyed hair are neither appropriate nor acceptable for children of primary school age.

Hair bands should be discreet, plain and in the school colours of dark green or black.

Jewellery and make-up Jewellery is limited to a watch (which must be removed for PE) and plain stud earrings (not more than 4mm wide). We recommend that earrings are removed for PE; however, we allow small studs, but only at the risk of the wearer.

No make-up, including nail varnish.


School uniform can be purchased from various suppliers and high street stores.

Religious requirements and race equality

The Governing Body at St Swithun’s Primary School will respect variations to our school uniform if they are directly related to established religious or cultural traditions. However, any variation will be dealt with on an individual basis and judgements will remain at the discretion of the Headteacher and the Governing Body.

The following companies have a full approved range of items with the school logo.

PMG Schoolwear

Price and Buckland